Who can benefit from financial planning?

Virtually anyone! If you have an income and pay bills, you can benefit from developing the discipline needed to manage your finances.

I don’t have any money to invest. Shouldn’t I wait until later to worry about a financial plan?

The best time to get control of your finances is now! Managing money, whether a little or a lot, takes skill and financial discipline. We can help guide you through the process of managing your money so that as your income increases, you will know what to do to make your money work for you.

I don’t understand “fees and commissions”. How is KSK Personal Financial Planning Services LLC compensated?

We at KSK Personal Financial Planning Services LLC. are compensated on a fee only basis. That means you, the client, pay us an hourly fee for our services. You decide the range of services you want and we will provide you a package. We do not manage client investment portfolios directly, we simply recommend various mutual funds, CDs or government securities based on your risk tolerance level and financial needs. This is a significant advantage to you, the client, because we do not sell investment products based on a continuous fee for funds under management or commissions. Our goal is for you to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Planner/Advisor

I’m expecting a lump sum payment of money in 6 months. Should I contact a financial planner after I get the money?

You should work with a financial planner as soon as possible. A professional planner can ask questions about the source of the money, circumstances under which you are receiving it and terms and conditions after receipt of the money. There could be tax and legal issues to be resolved before the transaction takes place to make sure you get everything you are entitled to receive. In addition, you would need to consider how the money will fit into your overall financial plan.

I am carrying a lot of debt at the moment. Can financial planning help?

Of course! The same rules of building wealth through financial planning can be applied to reducing debt. You must first find out the details of your current financial situation and make a plan to systematically reduce your debt. Once the debt is eliminated, use the same process to start building your wealth!

The thought of actually seeing my finances on paper makes me uncomfortable. How can I get past my reluctance to commit to improving my financial situation?

Work with a planner who will take the time to guide you through the process step by step to ensure you understand your particular situation. The planner you choose should work diligently to provide a plan that works for you. Having a clear evaluation of your current financial situation, identifiable goals and specific recommendations within a plan will help tremendously to convince you that you can control your financial future!