Credit Counseling Online – Using A Debt Management Association

Are there any notable debt management associations that provide credit counseling online?

Not very surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes.

In the USA, the American Association of Debt Management Organizations is the leading trade association for credit counseling online.  In 2017 the AADMO boasts a membership of over 150 members across the USA.

This does not sound like a very large number when you look at the size of America.  This may be for many reasons. It does suggest, however, that many of the smaller firms are not involved in the development of their profession and the rules and regulations that are applicable to them.

A problem with professional bodies of this nature, and this is true across the world, is that they are really geared for the use of their members and not really designed to be helpful to the general public.

AADMO like most other trade bodies does have a credit counseling online list of their own members.  They do this so that you can find a credit counselor in your state or city to help you.  For most consumers, this is the most important role that they can play: enabling clients to find the better parts of the industry for help quickly and easily. You can find this at: AADMO

Credit Counseling Online –  Debt Management Association Memberships

Credit Counseling Online - Debt Management Association

Membership of a debt management association usually speaks volumes about the actual member firms themselves.  Members will have to agree to behave in certain ways towards clients and maintain ongoing professional training for staff members.  They will also read or research industry trends and be made aware by the trade association of important changes in laws and regulations.

For a customer who needs assistance and does not know where to turn, finding help through a trade body like this might well be a reliable route to good help. It is likely that debt management association member firms will charge more for their time and services.  Now with that being said, they will very likely offer a higher level of knowledge, ability and professionalism as well.

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